Dear clients.

If you have landed on this page, that means you are probably a victim of a fraudulent online company which presents itself as a broker or a reliable company but is in fact a scam.

Don't panic, we are here to help you.

People start to smell the scam when they can’t withdraw funds, or suddenly their money has been be traded away. There’s many strategies the scammers use to steal your money – but it doesn’t mean you can’t effectively fight back. Of course, you’ve probably tried to ask the broker politely (and not so politely) to simply return your money.

You’ve probably sent e-mails, chatted with their online chat team, contacted their customer support – but failed each time to convince them to give you back your money. You are not alone. Many people have been in the exact same position – and here’s what you can you do about it.

In our opinion, it would be wise to speak to SCC. Our team will do everything they can to dispute the transactions you made to the scam companies. Once you fill out their form, and if you qualify for their program, they can give you a free consultation and share with you the best options they have in the fund recovery effort.

If you do qualify – which is likely if you’ve been scammed, they can quickly ascertain if any fees could apply to your case. They’ve seen it all before – as they’ve dealt with thousands of cases. As mentioned before, if you feel as if you were scammed online out of your hard earned money, a chargeback might be one of the options. For SCC, you can only start a chargeback process under a certain condition :


• You deposited funds by credit/debit card or by bank transfer or Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and others) and the deposit total amount is above 5,000 Euros.

Depending on the details of your case (which could include communications, terms & conditions, documents you signed, etc.), we would contact you and confirm that your case is eligible and qualifies for a chargeback or other process. It’s a complicated process – and could take a few months to complete and in some cases even years. Hopefully, all of the funds will return to your account based on the transaction disputes your bank should process.

Note that banks can be very unfriendly – and that’s why it helps to have a representative SCC who will work on your behalf to help you guide the process all the way through.


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About SCC

SCC team is comprised of individuals who worked in this industry and  converted to help the company to understand how it works from the inside  and to locate the companies which otherwise cannot be located.
During  our research, we were able to locate most of the companies and to find  loopholes to retrieve our client's funds. Our team was built by people  who are professionals in retrieving funds from online scams and people  who are sick and tired to sit and watch how clients that only wanted to  invest their funds becoming victims for a global scam.

SCC is fully  dedicated to its clients to retrieve their funds and to provide the best  service for every client and to make sure to fight the online scam  industry.  


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Binary Options

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Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes in trading.

Don't worry, cause we know how to track the scammers.

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IPO/ICO Scams, Blockchain & Bitcoin - it's all about technologies & fraud.