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By Appointment


By Appointment

About SCC

SCC team is comprised of individuals who worked in this industry and  converted to help the company to understand how it works from the inside  and to locate the companies which otherwise cannot be located.
During  our research, we were able to locate most of the companies and to find  loopholes to retrieve our client's funds. Our team was built by people  who are professionals in retrieving funds from online scams and people  who are sick and tired to sit and watch how clients that only wanted to  invest their funds becoming victims for a global scam.

SCC is fully  dedicated to its clients to retrieve their funds and to provide the best  service for every client and to make sure to fight the online scam  industry.  


We are against

Binary Options

Do you know about CYSEC ore FCA regulations?


Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes in trading.

Don't worry, cause we know how to track the scammers.

Crypto Scam

IPO/ICO Scams, Blockchain & Bitcoin - it's all about technologies & fraud.