Chargeback Process


Once  your bank’s dispute department is in agreement that your payment is  eligible to be disputed, it will log your request with the credit card  company, which then alerts the acquiring bank.

The  acquiring bank, in turn, alerts the PSP. The PSP informs the  merchant(Scam company), which in this case is the binary options, Forex  or Crypto company firm. The merchant then has 45 calendar days to  respond and to provide the evidence that charge was done by the law. If  no response is provided, your permanent refund will automatically be  made on the 46th day.
If  a response is filed, it will be forwarded back to you in a reverse  process. Visa will then ask you for your response, and the process is  repeated. If Visa does not accept either version of the disputed  transaction, it will be sent for arbitration. Mastercard does not have a  second round and the dispute automatically goes to arbitration if it  does not accept one of the two versions. accompany you throughout this entire cycle until the end of the process.