What is fraud

  • Fraud  involves deliberate deception for gain, and is a civil wrong as well as  being a criminal offense. As well as leading to a criminal conviction,  the defrauded person or organization can also sue the fraudster to  recover their losses. We handle all kinds of fraud. However, our most  frequent instructions come from those listed below.
  • Money Laundering
  • Money laundering involves pushing the profits of crime or corruption  into legitimate assets to make money ‘clean’. You may have unknowingly  accepted the proceeds of crime for payment and are now suffering the  consequences, or have lost out to a money laundering scheme. We have  experience of even the most complex money laundering cases and can help  you today. We act for those who are victims of money laundering and also  those facing civil money laundering claims.
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Mortgage fraud concerns providing false information to lenders to  procure a mortgage, or larger mortgage, than the fraudster would be  granted had the lender known the true circumstances. This may also  involve the transfer of money by professionals in relation to a mortgage  attained fraudulently. We regularly represent lenders, mortgage  brokers, solicitors, accountants and individuals who have lost out as a  result of mortgage fraud.
  • VAT Carousel Fraud
  • Carousel fraud or missing trader fraud involved the movement of goods  between businesses and even jurisdictions to avoid or claim back VAT.  VAT carousel fraud is taken very seriously by HMRC with investigation  becoming increasingly common. If you are suspected of involvement in a  VAT avoidance scheme through carousel fraud, or have unknowingly been  involved in a carousel fraud and lost out significantly, we can help.
  • Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA)
  • POCA gives courts wide-ranging powers to confiscate assets that are  believed to be the from the proceeds of crime. The courts can make  assumptions about how assets have been obtained, and assets that have  been alleged to be from criminal conduct can be confiscated.
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Often, fraudulent trading cases will involve businesses which have  become insolvent. If you are a creditor that has lost out financially as  a result of a business that has ceased trading or gone into liquidation  with unpaid debts, we can help.
  • False accounting
  • In addition to being a serious crime, false accounting can also cause  significant loss to those involved in a commercial relationship with  fraudsters. If you have lost money as a result of fraudulent trading, we  can help. There are a series of measures we can take to prevent,  mitigate and reclaim your losses.
  • Bitcoin, Digital Currency or Cryptocurrency Fraud
  • Digital or cryptocurrency is an evolving technology, but are an  entirely legitimate source of funds. The first digital currency was  bitcoin, and it is becoming increasingly popular. As bitcoin is  unregulated, there are some scams that you may have been the victim of  under the head of bitcoin fraud. Scamconsulting SCC is expert in Bitcoin and  cryptocurrency tracking , and fully understand all of the means used by  fraudsters. We can assist you in reclaiming any loss as a result of  bitcoin or any cryptocurrency fraud.
  • Binary trading
  • Binary trading fraud normally occurs in a similar way to share fraud  scams whereby the fraud is carried out through cold-calling. Many of  these scam businesses can seem very legitimate, with websites and  sophisticated trading platforms set up, allowing you to see your alleged  ‘profits’. However, individual investors have lost upwards of 1million $  in these scams, and if you have lost out, it is essential to act  quickly to recover your losses.
  • Shares / Investment Fraud
  • Typically, share and investment fraud occur in “boiler rooms” called  as such because they create a high-pressure sales environment. Such  scams are often very sophisticated with those carrying out the fraud  getting to know their client’s affairs before attempting to carry out  the fraud. If you have lost out to a boiler room shares or investment  scheme, it is crucial to act quickly to mitigate your loss and have the  best chance of recovery.
  • Contact Scamconsulting, speed is of the essence. We have a proven  record of recovering assets from scammers across the world, even in  cases in which the company which carried out the scam is insolvent. Our  international litigation expertise and ability to act fast are crucial  strengths in maximizing the possibility of a successful outcome,  minimizing the loss if possible and obtaining speedy restitution.

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