1. SCC  provides a variety of services for our clients in the fields of financial  fraud focusing on the recovery of funds from unscrupulous Binary  Options, Forex, gambling, IPO, ICO,cryptocurrency and CFD scams. 
  2.  The comprehensive, services we offer our clients  include a free, no obligations consultation before taking on the case,  followed by a thorough investigation of the case and the company in  question, documentation of all material related to the case, and your  representation before your bank, its ombudsman and other regulators,  including the credit card company – all in order to arrange a chargeback  of the fraudulent transaction.If necessary we will also take up your case before the fraudulent  company and even involve law enforcement agencies in your case.
  3. SCC  provides free consultations about Chargeback and other fund recovery  programs contracted thereafter are subject to retainers, fees and/or  commissions depending on the individual case history and the type of  service selected. SCC does not offer any financial investments  or advice.